How to Choose a Perfect Dissertation Topic

How to Choose a Perfect Dissertation Topic

Writing a dissertation is way more than just an academic task or any other assignment. It’s your first official research for which you would be known among your teachers and friends, and it is also the first thing on which your colleagues and teachers will recommend you for the field related jobs. With that being said, the pressure of preparing an excellent dissertation always looms over the head of the students, and it further makes the decision of choosing a dissertation topic overwhelming. Here are some pieces of advice and tidbits that might help you in selecting a dissertation topic which would not only be related to your field but it would also be unique and interesting.

Apply ‘Push The Envelope’ Reference:

You would have heard this term a lot as all the senior writers considered it as a treasure for picking a dissertation topic. However, ‘push the envelope’ is a term that most of the student do not even understand to say the least than ever minding to apply it. So, a little explanation about this term would do a world of good for the students and here is an insight into it. To push the envelope, your topic must meet some criteria and here are few points concerning that criteria.

  • It shouldn’t explain anything that has been the part of the dataset already.
  • Your topic must be something interesting that compels the teachers to invest time in your research. Being different from others is all it takes to be a good topic.
  • You should only choose a topic on which you can provide all the relevant information as the best topic is one which becomes a reference for future researches.

Avoid A Topic Which Can Be Answered As A Yes or No:

If your topic of dissertation is a question that could be answered with a simple yes or no then believe me that it has failure written all over it. The higher level of studies demands you an elaboration where you can define and describe your research. For example, if you choose a topic like ‘Financial Crisis in African countries’ then you are giving yourself the space to elaborate your research in many ways. Conversely, if your topic, for example, is ‘can a white guy marry a black girl,’ then you have restricted your research to a simple yes or no. So, the key to success is to choose diverse topics which enable you to express yourself freely and affluently.

Choose A Topic That Excites The Audiences:

Staying relevant is mandatory, but a little innovation and improvisation in the topic of research could be influential. Gone are the days when teachers used to advice orthodoxy to the students for choosing a topic as the things were getting boring for the either side. Topics which make your teacher scream out Wow! This is something new and exciting have a bright chance of luring you grades. On the other hand, if you keep sticking to boring, orthodox topics for various assignments, teachers will not invest their interest and time in your work.

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