How to publish your dissertation?

How to publish your dissertation?

Although finishing your dissertation may be the final hurdle to completing your doctorate, getting it published may be an important step toward your career as a psychologist.

Finalizing your dissertation is the last obstacle you face in the process of writing but publishing it in some journal or elsewhere is another step that’s difficult if not being carefully analyzed. Dissertation is the soundest piece to start when it comes to publishing, does not matter even it’s a small outcome/result in the giant field of your research. Dissertation is an excellence piece of work possibly which is been thoroughly administered by expert faculty.

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While publishing your dissertation, there may be one of these responses you are likely to get, your paper may be acknowledged for publication, second, it may be asked for reviewed and resubmission, and third last your paper simply denied and not accepted.

If your paper gets acknowledged then you will have to reply to any queries from the editor about language or citations, but your hard work paid off. Depending on the journal’s publication schedule and backlog, you can expect to see your article in print, in a year or two.

If your dissertation is asked for reviewed and resubmissions then you are likely to get disappointment because of this response but do not be. It is typical for the publisher to inquire you about reviewing your paper piece based on the comments given by reviewers’ recommendation. However, it is not necessary for you to agree and accept all the reviews given by the readers as everyone has their point of view.  If you are asked to review and resubmit answer, make the amendments and return the document as soon as possible.

If your article is not accepted for publishing then do not take it personally because the publisher will be sending you comments given by critics. Go through them wisely and make improvements in desired section. You can state problems with writing simply through your own editing or by operating with a writing expert.

We wish you luck assembling and publishing your work.