Specialized Dissertation Writing Tips To Learn This Summer

Specialized Dissertation Writing Tips To Learn This Summer

Most of the students would be enjoying their summer vacations as everyone deserves a breathing space out of their busy schedules. We do not mean to disturb your inner peace, but it is just a friendly advice that you should not entirely waste your vacations in fun, but instead, you should utilize some of your free time in learning tips that will enable you to write a captivating dissertation. We do not demand you to become workaholic in your vacations, but at least every student should set reasonable goals, and spend whatever time is required to fulfill them. In order to make your job easy, we have compiled few specialized dissertation writing tips that you must try to practice this summer.


  • Style Guide: You must choose an MLA/APA style for writing your dissertation. It will help you in establishing specific guidelines for formatting and referring.
  • Cover Page: Insert the title, your name, professor’s name, or any other style specific information for your cover page.
  • Create Research Question: State your problem. Make sure that it is complex to allow for sufficient comment or debate but also easy enough to be answered within the scope of your dissertation.
  • Gather the Sources: Try to utilize electronic resources and databases to secure the reliable sources for your dissertation.
  • Literature Review & Reference Page: Format your sources according to the style guidelines and summarize them in a one paragraph review.


Once you are done with the first phase, now it’s time to move to the second one.

  • Introduction: This will state the problem that is the basis for your dissertation. Information must provide the reader with an overview of the dissertation without being too specific.
  • Background Information: This part will include rational and significance for the study, the need for the study, and the theoretical framework used for the study.
  • Objectives: This is the part where you are going to write the goals regarding the dissertation research. Objectives should be precise and measurable.
  • Stating Hypothesis: This is the part where you will emphasize on what you believe your research would show. This should be a short statement and it should not exceed more than one paragraph.


Double Checks:

  • Abstract: A short summary of the contents of the dissertation that is written only when the dissertation is completed. Should be in between 300-800 words at most.
  • Acknowledgement Section: In this section, the students should give credit to all the sources and external support. Expressing gratitude for the guidance and research contributions leaves a good mark on your evaluator.
  • Editing & Proofreading: we understand that you would have reached a boiling part by now but we assure you that editing and proofreading is worth your effort. It is the last step of your dissertation so you wouldn’t like a low-note end after putting such a mammoth effort.

Mentioned above are the key points towards a successful dissertation. For further queries or assistance regarding academics, you can contact Dissertation Pros anytime you want.