Tips to write a strong thesis statement

Tips to write a strong thesis statement

Just like book lovers can identify a best-selling novel by reading a few paragraphs of the first chapter or a moviegoer can easily distinguish between a flop movie or a blockbuster hit just by watching its opening scene, similarly, academic experts can indicate the best research papers just by looking at their “thesis statement.”

A thesis statement is one of the most important aspects of academic writing. Students are required to write compelling “thesis statements” in their introductory paragraph to grab the reader’s attention.

Now, your mind must be full of lingering questions like; what is a thesis statement? How can you write a compelling thesis statement? What are the requirements? Do all research papers require a thesis statement? Well, cheap dissertation writing services uk is going to answer all of your questions. This article will clear all your doubts related to the thesis statement.

What is a thesis statement?

A sentence or phrase that reflects the essence and central idea of a research paper is what we call a thesis statement. It’s a single statement that captures the aim and stance in the given argument. It summaries the whole objective of the paper into a single sentence. A complete thesis statement must declare your position and stance of any argument. A thesis statement should be precisely written with utmost clarity, correct usage of words and phrases.

How long does it need to be?

A thesis statement should not be longer than two sentences. It should be precise and should centralize all the main points of your essay into one or two sentences. It demonstrates your stance of the argument and states the main objective of the paper. Your thesis statement should indicate your readers the objective of the paper and it also reveals the direction of all your arguments.

When to write a thesis statement?

A thesis statement must be written in an introductory paragraph of your research paper or essay. The first two paragraphs must include a thesis statement so that readers can develop a sense of direction at the beginning. In this way, your readers save a hassle of looking for the author’s stance in the midst of the essay.

Pro tip:

  • Don’t hide your thesis statement in the middle of the essay or in between paragraphs.
  • Avoid writing vague words! Write a precise and to-the-point statement.
  • Mention the objective of your essay but refrain from writing a cliche sentence structure such as “the aim of this essay is…… this essay aims to develop….”
What are the attributes of a strong and weak thesis statement?
  • A strong thesis statement must take a specific stand.

Weak statement: There are several positive and negative effects of consuming excessive caffeine.

This is a weak statement because readers can’t identify whether the essay is about negative or positive effects of caffeine consumption.

Strong Statement: Excessive intake of caffeine in the diet causes rapid weight loss, hence, it poses potential health risks to the consumers.

This statement is deemed as strong as it explicitly mentions the stance.

  • An effective thesis statement must reflect one main point of the paper. Readers should be able to identify a central idea of the paper just by reading your thesis statement.

Weak Statement:  Government should make prompt strategies to tackle economic crises, and foreign aid can provide economical benefits to struggling companies.

This is a weak statement because readers won’t be able to comprehend if the paper is about economic crises or government strategies.

Strong Statement: Because the country is heading towards a significant economic meltdown, the government should come up with prompt strategies to tackle the financial situation and foreign aid can be one effective solution.

This statement is strong because now we understand that the two ideas are interrelated.