Dissertation Pros encourages all its customers to go through our Terms & Conditions before; placing an order with us, availing any of our services, or signing into a contract with us. Once you enter into an authorised agreement with us, it is immediately assumed that you have thoroughly read, scrutinised, and accepted the following terms and conditions.

Kindly note that the use of ‘our’ and ‘we’ refers to Dissertation Pros except when stated otherwise.

Trademark Rights

Content displayed on Dissertation Pro’s website (Including written text, designs, monograms, images, programming, animations, and software) are copyrighted intellectual property that is owned by the company. The trademarked name used on the website is a property of the respective parent organisation and its business holdings. They are not authorised to be used to promote or associate with any product or firm that is not a part of our company.

Communication Policy

We have a variety of mediums that we deploy to communicate with our valued clients. Specifically; email, live chatting, phone, and query form. Our customer care agents are available for contact throughout the day and can be reached for consulting and assistance.

Payment Policies & Methods

We advise all our clients to complete all financial transactions at the time they place their orders. This is because a delay in payment may result in a delay in the timely submission of your products.

Dissertation Pros accepts cash transfers or direct deposits into our bank account. More information regarding said bank account will be provided to you as per request. Speak to our representatives via any of the above mentioned communication methods and learn about payment techniques.

Customer Privacy

Dissertation Pros assures you that we would never misuse your personal data. Nevertheless, we reserve all rights to disclose said information in situations where it is demanded by legal jurisprudence. The Data Protection Act, Companies Act, stipulates that we cooperate with law enforcing agencies under certain situations.

Limitation of Liability

All visitors and customers of our websites and services hereby agree that under absolutely no circumstances will the company be held responsible for any damages or loss incurred by the use or misuse of our products.

Account Policy

Dissertation Pros provides all new accounts with initial credentials, such as passwords and usernames; but our visitors are strongly advised to change them in order to restrict accessibility. All of our clients are directly and solely responsible for their own accounts.

Website Modification Policy

Dissertation Pros reserves the right to amend, edit, improve, change, and delete any aspect of our websites’, policies, graphics and terms of service at any time without seeking permission. However, their updated versions will be present on our website for visitors when they come into effect.

Cancellation policy:

  • If an order with a deadline of 48 hours is cancelled after 24 hours of placement, then the company will hold back 50% of the amount as service charges.
  • Order(s) placed on the deadline of 8 hours to 24 hours will not be liable for any refund.
  • Cancellation amount will be reimbursed after 25 to 30 business days from the time of cancellation.
  • Not all orders will be entitled to 100% refund.
  • For the dissertation, no cancellation after 72 hours of order placement will be entertained.

Revision policy:

In consistence with being one of the leading academic writing services in the country, we pride ourselves in our services. We always aim to provide perfection in our services and satisfy all customers. However, we do understand that as humans there may be some shortcoming and, thus, we provide free revisions to make up to the clients. Please familiarise yourself with all of our policies as usage of our services indicates your agreement to all of the policies stated here. Following is our policy on revisions. It is important to read and understand the following policy before using any of our services.

  • Placing an order(s) with us confirms your agreement to all of our terms and conditions.
  • Any issues pertaining to the work not being coherent with the instructions as a result of misleading or insufficient instructions will not be the responsibility of the company.
  • Unlimited revisions may only be claimed if the writer fails to deliver according to the initial provided instructions.
  • If revisions are granted to any particular order, no additional work that was not a part of the original instructions may be done.
  • All additional work may be carried out and billed separately, depending on the word count, urgency and type of work.
  • Free revisions on orders of 250 to 5000 words may only be claimed within 15 days from the time of submission of the work. Afterwards revisions will be charged.
  • Free revisions on orders of 5000 words or more may only be claimed within 30 days from the time of submission of the work. Afterwards revisions will be charged.
  • Delivery of revisions will not be made on Sundays or any other public holiday.
  • Revisions on orders with a deadline of 24 hours will be delivered within 8 to 12 hours from the time of request for revision of work.
  • Revisions on orders with a deadline of 48 hours will be delivered within 24 hours from the time of request for revision of work.
  • A minimum of 3 days is required for a revision of 5000 to 9750 words to be carried out.
  • A minimum of 5 days is required for a revision of 10000 or more words to be carried out.

Refund policy:

We have always strived to perform our tasks to the best of our abilities and always aim for perfection. In coherence with providing the top academic writing services in the country, we do understand that that at times there may be shortcomings. Therefore, it is important for all viewers to familiarise themselves with all of our policies since the usage of any of our services is a direct indication of the customer’s agreement to all of the policies stated here.

  • While placing an order you must agree to given policies.
  • Any demand for refund will not be entitled for 100% money back.
  • The company as, its service charges will retain 50% of the total amount. The exception of full refund is only when a student receives a failing grade, i.e. F on the order delivered from our forum or there is more than 30% plagiarism found in the order delivered by us.
  • Refund will only be issued to students after they provided authentic proof(s).
  • Refunds will not be furnished after 30 days of order delivery.
  • All orders claiming for a refund will be investigated thoroughly. This process may take 30 days.
  • We here like to may clear that the amount of refund is solely decided by the owner of the company. The amount varies depending amount the number of services you have availed including revisions and rewrite.
  • The company will not process refunds for orders that were placed 48 hours and less deadline.
  • The company will not process refunds for dissertations that had a deadline of 10 days or less.

Privacy policy:

We have always aimed for excellence and never compromise on our standards of quality and always deliver only the best of work. At the same we also maintain a level of security to ensure the anonymity of our customers and protect their vital information. For the same aforementioned reason we strictly adhere to our privacy policy that is specially devised to protect your private and confidential information. It is strongly advised that you read and understand all of the terms and conditions mentioned in the policy. Usage of any of our services signifies the user's consent to all of our policies. Moreover, it is important to note that the privacy policy is constantly updated from time to time as deemed necessary. New change are put up for viewership on the website, It is vital that clients keep themselves up to date with our policies.

  • Accumulation and collection of Information: A routinely follow up requires customers to provide credentials such as username, email address or even passwords as part of our security check in order for customers to enjoy a better experience of our services.
  • Protection of customer Information: Being a registered firm we strictly adhere to the Data Protection Act and, thus, do not share any personal information of any client with any third party personnel unless required by the jurisdictional body.
  • Information pertaining to services and products: We have a large variety of products and services, all available on our website. For the purpose of communicating promotional offers and discounts with our clients, we use means such as SMS, phone calls, fax or emails; as indicated by the customer.
  • Customer’s access to their personal information: We do not provide any client’s personal information to any third party or otherwise persons. However, if a customer wishes to gain access to their own personal logs then they may do so by submitting an application via email to our legal department. For security reasons the client may be asked to provide information such to fulfil the security check.


Dissertation Pros is a professional academic writing facility that assists students. Nonetheless, by no means are customers allowed to submit our assistance as their own.