At the end of the long list of services and facilities provided by various dissertation writing companies comes the question of experience. Dissertation Pros have been serving this market for over a decade and this gives us an edge over our competitors.

Our Departments

Dissertation Pros has helped a countless number of students using the same departments since our inception. These six are closely coordinated and form the basis of our business model. When you order a project from us, it passes through them in the following order.

Customer Relations

This is the first department that you encounter when you place an order with us. Our amicable agents have received dozens of hours of training so that they can handle any situation with ease.


To ensure results are produced swiftly, the job of conducting research and planning is given to one department. Research’s clever team can quickly scour databases and retrieve data that will make your work outshine its competitors.


Once the outline of the document and the relevant data to be used in it has been finalised, the writing department will take over and start joining all of those pieces of information together. They are native English speakers, which ensures that the terminology and phraseology of our work is always faultless.


The editing team will then take over and clear out any mistakes left over by the writing team. Errors such as misquotes and poor formatting will also be addressed.


This department is responsible for the more nuanced task of going through the document and seeing if it can be further improved. If a proof reader feels that the writing work needs more facts or an entire new section, it will be sent back to the research team for alterations.

Review & Legal

The review and legal affairs department is tasked with handling any law related dilemmas that may arise to ensure that our operations keep running smoothly. The document will have to receive final approval from this department before it is sent to you.

After passing through these six departments, the work will pop in your inbox. The thorough scrutiny each of our products goes through makes sure that your work is ready to go right then and there.

Our Policies

Dissertation Pros aims to please its customers. In this retrospect, we have policies that are aimed at your satisfaction.

Privacy Policy

Many students are understandably anxious about seeking academic help, even when they seriously need it. This is because of the negative peer pressure surrounding them brought on by unyielding instructors. We assure you that we would never disclose your identity and would never misuse the information that you give us.

Revision Policy

Almost every writing service has a revision policy. But what makes ours truly unique is that we offer you the opportunity to get an unlimited number of them. We insist that if you think that we have not given you satisfactory work, you get the necessary changes done right away.

Refund Policy

Dissertation Pros is committed to adhering to ethical business practices and hence, we offer a refund policy if in case you feel like we are not able to deliver on your work.

Free Consultancy

Our number is active 24/7, but it’s not just for placing orders. You can also get in touch with us for free consultancy. Get writing tips from professionals and make an effort by yourself to dramatically improve your grades.

Our Guarantees

The ultimate aim of our services is to help you relax and ease your academic tension. But that aim becomes obsolete the moment a reckless writing company contacts you while you’re on vacation to inquire about something in your order. Our services are carefully designed to endure that we can deliver your work on time without needing to contact you after you’ve placed your order.

Contact Us

You can get in touch with our cordial customer care agents at 0203-034-0579 and speak to them directly; or alternatively you can send us a message on our live chat or at

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