3 Tips For Enhanced Student Productivity

The fact that we all have a very fixed amount of productivity that we can work up to is a well-known and established enough fact to seem almost like it is some sort of law. From the student’s point of view however, it is not so much a threshold value that they manage to reach and eventually optimise their amount of work they are getting done, as a sort of ceiling that they hit and are unable to do any more work well enough to be able to be of any worth to themselves.

Just imagine your own life as an average student, to understand this idea better. You have a maximum productivity level of say five to six hours. You have classes to attend, the part time job to work at and then come home to complete all your written projects. That kind of routine can get very exhausting to say the least.

What This Means For Your Creativity And How To Increase It:

This is where even a good five to six hours of productive work will feel like too little time, strength and effort left for all the work that students have got to complete still. Here are some ways in which students can increase their productivity though:

  • Setting yourself smaller goals

One of the best ways to motivate yourself is to enhance your sense of achievement. The idea here is actually very simple: ensuring that you break down big tasks into smaller chunks helps to ensure that you end up working on more manageable segments of the work. That way, as you complete tasks, you get to feel even better about the whole process of working at your projects and are motivated to continue.

  • Give yourself rewards

The idea of looking forward to something better and more pleasant works like a charm on most people. Let’s say for instance, that you have a ten page project to complete. One way of getting yourself motivated to go ahead with and complete the task is to think of a reward that you could present to yourself, but only after you have completed all your work. So, if you have a party to attend, or want to go out for a walk, or read a favourite book or even watch some TV, keep those, more pleasing tasks for later. Complete your work first and then enjoy your reward!

  • Think of the benefits you could enjoy by completing all work

This idea could be subverted by you thinking of all the wonderful things you could achieve by completing your written work: you could gain excellent marks, move to the next level in your studies, or get a much better job… anything that helps power up your commitment to work!

Getting help with written work every once in a while, so you can take a break, is also a great way to renew your motivation, and if that works for you, why not contact a professional help service such as Dissertation Pros for assistance?