Dissertation Jokes Only A Dissertation Victim Can Understand

Dissertation Jokes Only A Dissertation Victim Can Understand

On a bad day; yes, it has good and bad days, just like an elderly person with a medical condition. So, on bad days, your dissertation can feel like a lot more than just an academic task that must be completed: it feels like the proverbial, vile presence in any haunted house that is completely determined to taking over your life and ruining it completely.

If you are in the middle of writing out your own dissertation, stop! Stop right away! And no, I haven’t even got to the hilarious (or sad) jokes part of it yet. But you need to stop right away because you desperately need to take a break, relax, and yes, learn to laugh at your own mistakes. The benefits of doing so?

Let’s just get on to the jokes then, shall we?

You desperately need the break, and there is nothing better than a tie out to help freshen up your mind and rejuvenate your tired, old soul. So sit back, and enjoy these all-time favourites that no one except you, and some of your dissertation buddies are going to enjoy.

The mark of a dissertation student:

  1. You know dissertation is your life when, staying indoors over weekends working on your dissertation is the norm rather than the exception to the rule.
  2. Taking notes for your dissertation is a lot more fun and actually an enjoyable activity, if you go and sit in the park to work at it.
  3. Out, going to take a relaxing stroll, just about everything that you come across, can, somehow or the other, be related back to your thesis. At least that is the way it is in your own mind!
  4. Cooking is one activity that is completely synonymous with reading your course books. At least, that is the way it is for you. You have learnt the art of excelling at both tasks together.
  5. A text without footnotes? It feels strange!

Then there are those timeless, age old jokes such as the following ones:

  1. The optimist sees the glass and insists it is half full, the pessimist sees the glass and insists it is half empty and the student writing their dissertation in the engineering discipline? Well, they say the glass is twice the size it needs to be!
  2. The classic that can really make haters stay quiet: If you feel that all this evidence is still not enough to prove my point, then it is obvious! You are just not thinking hard enough!
  3. All opinions minus the obvious 3.14? Well, those are called onions!
  4. You come across an electronic appliance you just cannot operate. Well, if you can’t operate it, do the next best thing: analyse it!
  5. You visit the coffee shop with a bunch of close friends. There is only one thing on your mind and it certainly does not have coffee anywhere in it. You creep up to the counter and whisper: ‘Do you laptop outlets available?”

Jokes aside, yes dissertation writing can get hectic and that is where a reliable service like Dissertation Pros can help.