Dissertation versus Thesis – The Most Important Difference

Dissertation versus Thesis – The Most Important Difference


Student life is full of different tasks. They stay busy with different tasks given to them by their instructors. Tasks like writing the assignments, essays, coursework and dissertations. Sometimes they get confused in dissertation writing and thesis writing. Without having knowledge about the dissertation and thesis, the student may fail to understand the reason behind composing the paper. As a student, you must have knowledge about the difference between a dissertation and a thesis.

This blog of UK Writing Expert will help you out in distinguishing the difference between both dissertation and thesis. Most of the universities consider the dissertation and thesis writing similar. Even the dictionaries will give you the meaning of dissertation and thesis as similar. Let’s discover what the meanings that dictionaries define are:

A standard dictionary defines a dissertation and thesis as follow:

“A dissertation is a long formal bit of writing on a specific subject, peculiarly for a college degree.”

“A thesis is a long bit of composing focused around your own thoughts and research that you do as a component of a college degree, particularly a higher degree, for example, a PhD.”

The dictionary defines that the dissertation and thesis are similar to one another. But there are wide range dissimilarities in both dissertation and thesis that make them apart.

  1. Genuine Research/ Synthesized Piece Of Work
    • According to the study, thesis writing involves the original research work, whereas dissertation writing includes the existing research work in which you may be required to add up your own thoughts also with fact and figures.
  1. Obtaining a degree after you complete writing the dissertation or thesis
  • Student in the US: In US students are required to write a dissertation, if he or she is obtaining a degree of PhD and they require writing a thesis, if they are obtaining the degree of Master.
  • Students in the UK: In the UK, it is vice versa. A student has to write a dissertation when he or she is obtaining a degree of Master and if the student is obtaining a doctorate degree then he or she has to write a thesis.

Though dissertation and thesis both are research based papers which perform as a leader in achieving your lower or higher degrees. Dissertation and thesis writing may have similar meanings, but they are dissimilar to one another.

Tips That May Help In Writing a Thesis or Dissertation

  • Set up a deadline before writing a thesis, dissertation or any other academic paper
  • You will require to have much more time for proofreading before the submission of paper
  • Keep a journal of your ideas with you that may help you in the writing process
  • Create an outline of your thesis or dissertation paper
  • When starting to write your dissertation or thesis you should keep in mind that you are writing an academic paper
  • Make sure to follow the right format of writing style
  • Consult a scholarly text for getting an idea about the structure of the thesis or dissertation
  • Find an editor, when you are done with your thesis or dissertation writing

Determine what you need before searching for an editor, either you require to check the grammar and spelling mistakes or you want to check full continuity and flow of your paper.