Five Ways to Write Marks Awarding Conclusions

Conclusions are conclusive, that’s the problem. Conclusions need to conclude and so you need to write something that is engaging, interesting, gratifying and yet it has to be informative. When someone starts reading your paper, they are over whelmed due to a lot of data and a lot of information available to them. And by the time they reach conclusions, they are tired and feel monotonous. So here, let us help you write something engaging and exciting.

  • Imagery: Write something with a good quotation and imagery. Start with a good quote, simple but really summing up that work that you have done in the paper. Don’t look for it on the internet, just put in something that you instinctively like. Afterwards, start with making a strong image in the reader’s mind that rightly encompasses the work that you have done. And launch your conclusion with that.
  • Pun it up: Remember all the puns that you came up with while you were thinking about this project? The ones that were too specific for you to mention? Don’t keep them inside yourself. Let the class see them and put them in the last paragraph. That way, everyone will see the heat of your paper within your paper.
  • Go back to the Beginning: Go back to the start, see how you introduced your paper and go back to it. So that the reader gets a nice little recap of all that has happened so far.
  • Do not go On: When you are writing your paper, your conclusion will definitely drone on. It always does. It’s the last thing you are saying and so you are going to say it passionately. But don’t let that be your conclusion. Once you are done writing, edit and get to a point where you are sure that your conclusion is sharp and crisp.
  • Take a break: So you are done writing your conclusion and you feel like you are too tired for editing. No issues, you should just let it sit and simmer. Go out, watch a show (but no binge watching!) and let the conclusion come to you randomly. Trust me when you will come back to your paper with fresh eyes, you will see your conclusion in a whole new light and will be able to handle it much better.

So here are our humble tips for you to consider when writing a conclusion. Conclusions are important, mainly because it’s common culture to just review them when writing a paper and leave the middle part alone. If your conclusion sounds like it was written by a teenager, your paper will most certainly not be quoted or referenced too often. So think twice before writing a half cooked and random conclusion. Those are bad for your paper’s credibility.

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