How to Write an Effective Literature Review

How to Write an Effective Literature Review


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In today’s post, we will share how to write an effective literature review.

Determining your area of research is most important before you begin to look for articles or books, select areas you are about to research. Verify that you just get articles and books in those areas, irrespective of the statement that you go over captivating books in different areas.

Literature search is another important step in which you carry out an extensive bibliographic question of guides as well as content with your normal area of interest. Discover guides in the library which might be relevant and appearance in these individuals. Established a specific timeline with regard to what scope you will seem. The idea must never to take some fully committed time consultations.

Search for relevant material from your books and different articles and journals. Make notes on every related topic and marked it with the name of author and journal/book.

Next step is to begin writing your literature review and for that pick any segment that you find easier or want to work upon it at first, you may start from first or even start the last chapter whatever you find easier. Now all the materials you collected while researching take it out and extract information you needed to include in your paper. Do not forget to add references and also give a short introduction which clearly gives outline of the review. Do not forget to add earlier in the topic, why it is been reviewed. A literature review mostly discusses the public information in selected area of research. A literature review must be structured and relevant to the study you are researching. You also need to articulate the questions, you will further research about.

Always remember you don’t need to list all materials in your paper, but to evaluate it and extract all the information you needed according to your research question.

When you complete all the steps, you will have a complete draft of your writing. The enormous thing about this approach is that it distinct into rational steps something that seems to be vast.

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