Dissertation Proposal Writing ServiceIt is difficult to start something new and if something is dissertation pros then it is surely difficult for students because student don’t have much experience and skills for writing a dissertation and they are also bound by time limit. Dissertation is a lengthy write up which start from introduction and end up with references. Dissertation Introduction itself contains several parts one of which is the question about the topic on the bases of that you make hypothesis. The whole dissertation pros study is revolving around that hypothesis. When in introduction after background, history and definitions of topic you discuss about the question so dissertation writer explain what the question is, from where it is generated, what is the effect of that in study, how we resolve this. Research hypothesis mostly finds out from reviewing the literature normally dissertation writer review all the related literature from the topic and find the gap from it, that gap become the hypothesis of the study. The research hypothesis then proves from methodology. it have importance in dissertation proposal also because in proposal the approval committee take into review your research that whether it is valid or not.


Education is the most important factor for any country. Education is one of the factor which affect the society economically and sociology. Education is the backbone of any country. History proves that only those countries go towards progress and become stable economy who focus on their education level and increase their literacy level. America and Japan are the most powerful economies because of their technology innovation and we know that technology innovation is directly dependent on education. America and Japan have almost 95% literacy level. Education leads the country towards development. In our study we see that is education decrease the crime in developing countries? Developing countries have more crime rate than developed countries because they are not economically efficient and also the distribution of income in these countries is highly inequitable. The literacy level is low in developing countries which reflect that people of these countries don’t aware from what is right and what is wrong. They are unaware from social responsibility and rules and regulation. Our hypothesis that if government spend money on education or increase the budget of education in monetary policy then it will affect the literacy level positively whether this increase in literacy level decrease the crime rate ? Because education gives awareness to any individual and also gives the understanding that what is right or what is wrong.

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