The Ultimate Guide to Overcome Procrastination for Students

The Ultimate Guide to Overcome Procrastination for Students


Procrastination is defined as the action of postponing something for later. According to experts, students pick up on this habit because they are scared to witness failure as a result of their arduous efforts. Other than this main reason, students also procrastinate because of the following reasons:

·  Excessive Perfectionism

Have you ever tried writing a perfect opening sentence for a document? If yes, did you get anything on the paper with this approach?

If it all rounded up at erasing and rewriting, you can understand that achieving perfection is not that easy. Since most of the students give up during the process of rewriting, they easily fall prey to procrastination.

·  Lack of Interest

Students are least likely to concentrate on something they disapprove of or dislike. Thus, if they are compelled to work on something against their will, they might use procrastination as a medium of escape.

How Can You Beat Procrastination?

Since procrastination can influence and change your life’s trajectory, you must use the following techniques to put a halt to it:

Motivate Yourself

It is important for you to enjoy the working process as much as you would enjoy achieving the goal. This feeling can only be stirred if you motivate yourself to follow your passion. Remember, choosing passion over worldly trends may be a tough call, but you must do it.

Let’s elaborate on the concept with the help of an example. Suppose, if someone aspires to be a poet, will he find the field of law interesting? Certainly not! He will try to get away from law-related activities and find time to write poetry. Imagine how he would start procrastinating because he chose something other than his passion. Thus, you must always pick a subject that interests you so that you can beat procrastination at your best.

Add a Rhythm to your life

Most of the students believe “going with the flow” is the key to their academic success. However, it is not true as it makes the students too lazy to set any goals for themselves, which is against academia’s objectives.

To manage their lives, students must create a timetable that can help them complete all their daily activities. Other than this mandatory exercise, students should also keep their surroundings clutter-free so that they can keep laziness at bay.

Minimize Distractions

Most of the students start procrastinating unintentionally during the studying process. All they do is respond to a notification from their phone, which diverts their focus and impairs their studying momentum.

To avoid following this ritual, you must keep all these distractions aside before starting the studying process. Turn off your cell phones, sign off from all your social media accounts, and reduce other factors in your surroundings that can divert your attention while studying. Doing so will minimize the possibility of procrastination for you and help you deliver promising results.

Look Up To Someone

If you have self-control issues, you can ask someone to keep a check on you. This person should be responsible for monitoring your studying sessions and keeping you from procrastinating. Since this person should be available around you 24/7, it is better to assign this job role to your roommate.

Write Your Problems Down

Sometimes it gets difficult to untangle our tangled thoughts. Instead of getting frustrated at such instances, you can consider writing your problems down and mapping out a solution for it.

For example, if you are keeping the dissertation writing task for later, the probable reasons can be:

  • Poor writing skills.
  • Boring task.
  • Lack of time.

After listing these reasons, you should go through the list and highlight the main reason behind your procrastination, for instance, poor writing skills. Next, you can find an optimum solution to the highlighted problem, such as hiring cheap dissertation writing services UK

Get Help

If you are facing any problems managing your academic and professional responsibilities simultaneously, you should seek help. For example, you can hire a tutor for a course or ask your manager to provide flexible working hours for you.

Remember, procrastination is never the solution to any problem, and it aggravates the situation even further. So, use the techniques mentioned above to shelter yourself from the vices of procrastination.

All the best to you!