What Will A Teacher Look For In Your Essay

During your entire academic life, you will be given various assignments and essays to work on, and it will vary from teacher to teacher what they will look for in your essay. Some teachers will provide clear-cut instructions of what they expect from you while others might show you some leniency in terms of the essay topic or subject. Regardless of the criteria by which they gauge your ability to write, some common elements must be present in your essay. So, be sure to follow the following guidelines, and you are sure to get the grade you hope for.

Proper Grammar and Sentence Structure

This is where your writing skills come into practice. Your essay must be flawless in terms of grammar and sentence structure. Your tone should sound like a college student and not a third-grade student. There should be a proper flow throughout the essay, and you do not have to fill your essay with fancy and big words. Use figures of speech or expressions to enhance your essay and make use of good vocabulary to get the A grade you want.

Substantial Content

One of the common complaints teachers have regarding the essay their students write is that they find it lacking substance. They find themselves going through the same repetitive ideas that are only worded differently. Your instructor wants you to think from a new perspective and support your ideas with facts, logical reasoning and relevant examples. They want you to show depth in your essay because that would guarantee that you have indeed grasped the purpose of your essay.

Standard Format

Although each essay will have its own criteria, they will all follow a certain format. Every essay will have an introduction passage giving a brief overview of the topic, a body that will consist of some paragraphs, and a conclusion. This is a standard format without which no essay can be deemed correct and well-developed.

Proper Research

The basis of every essay is dependent on research. Every essay and assignment will require you to spend a good amount of time studying the topic in-depth. Without extensive research and information, you will not be able to write your essay in a well-organized and coherent way. Instead, you will find yourself rambling on one single point, which is what you should avoid.

So before you go about writing your essay, you must give some time to study and learning about the topic. You need to have your topic supported by strong evidence and facts to back up your statements. When you are armed with all your research material, you will find it extremely easy to work on your essay.

Authentic Source

It goes without saying that when you are doing your research, you should make it a point to check the authenticity of the source you are using for research. Don’t forget that you will have to mention the source from where you have referenced your information and if it is not considered authentic, then all your reasoning will not be backed up and it will put your essay and grade at stake.

Failing To Proofread

This is one frequent error students make; not bothering to proofread their essays. It is in our nature to make errors, but we have to avoid those errors by making an effort to proofread. If you submit your essay filled with careless mistakes that could have been avoided, it will have a bad impression on the teacher. So be sure to check for punctuation, spelling, or grammar errors before submitting your essay.


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