How to Motivate Yourself to Write a Dissertation

How to Motivate Yourself to Write a Dissertation

 “Where there is a will, there is a way. If there is a chance in a million that you can do something, anything, to keep what you want from ending, do it. Pry the door open or, if need be, wedge your foot in that door and keep it open.” – Pauline Kael.

Writing a dissertation is a big commitment that requires patience, assiduity, and perseverance. It is certainly the most tiring, emotionally draining, and daunting desideratum that a doctoral student has to provide by the end of their academic career. There’s a possibility that an individual might start procrastinating when hit with a disconcerting task like writing a dissertation. Motivation in itself is difficult to maintain. It is one of the main issues that PhD and Master students face on a regular basis.

Working on a dissertation is quite a lonely and isolating task. Since it is not a group work, you have to do everything on your own. It will require countless hours of research and experimentation. You’d have to collect quantitative and qualitative data and analyse it accordingly. It can sometimes make you feel inadequate and result in a major blow to your self-esteem, which is why many individuals start searching for dissertation writers online as these services facilitate students in crisis. However, not every dissertation writer UK is affordable, so understanding the situation and empathising with it, following are some quick motivational tips or techniques that can help you in writing a winning dissertation.

Break The Writer’s Block:

The first and foremost reason why you are unable even to begin the writing process is that you have a writer’s block. To effectively break it, you must at least talk about it. Chat with a friend and share your ideas about the topic. Discuss how you plan on achieving the results and make progress. This will give you enough time to warm up your cognitive skills and clear everything.

Think Small:

It is easy to jump on the big conclusions immediately. Initially, you need to keep your pace slow and take tiny baby steps. If you prance straight to the gruelling task, you will most likely overwhelm yourself and give up. Thus, it is important to give yourself a break and start with the easy.

Find A Supervisor:

This is a trick that can get you to work on your task sooner and quicker. Having a supervisor or advisor significantly helps as now you have someone to keep you on your toes. This will install a sense of responsibility and shame within you, which will automatically trigger a sense of motivation while sharpening your focus.


Make a progress chart that will indicate where you are in your dissertation writing journey. Every time you reach a milestone, reward yourself. This will make you do even better. There’s been a massive shift in a trend where students, to escape academic stress, contact online services like dissertation writers UK, that do all the work for them. However, what they don’t get to experience is the joy and satisfaction of completing a dissertation on their own.


This article is about the difficulties that students face while writing a dissertation. It aids them in finding the lost motivation within themselves and come out victorious at the end of the tunnel.