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For an instance, here we are sharing some tips and tricks to write introduction of dissertation for those who believe to write by themselves.

Many of the students believe on writing the introduction of dissertation in very last but this is not correct thing because a dissertation’s introduction must be written or being draft at first so it could help you out in the end.

It is even better to write draft of your dissertation before submitting a research proposal so at least you could have an idea if your professors ask you detailed questions and explanation on your topic.

Here I am sharing some tips and tricks on how to get introduction of dissertation done.

  • Managing your time is an art and especially when you are writing a dissertation; doesn’t matter how long or short your proposal is, if you have outlined it perfectly and have draft it earlier you will be no more worried writing it.
  • Define your topic properly and mention why you chose it.
  • Avoid writing when your mind is not clear at all and you are stressed because there you will be blank, out of words.
  • Remember that introduction is the start and you still have to go long way so try to make your introduction clearer and to the point so you could know in future what you have given in introduction phase and what’s left to be done in main part and conclusion.
  • Start your introduction with something worth-reading and interesting as its going to be the last impression. If your dissertation introduction is interesting, people would love to read it tills the end but if it is boring, nobody going to bother reading till the very end.
  • Do not say all in introduction; keep something left for main part and conclusion.
  • Keep it clear, concise and to the point.
  • Do not rely on writing just one draft instead write many until you are satisfied with your work.
  • Keep it on editing, reediting, drafting and redrafting and then finalize it.
  • Make sure your hypothesis is logically constructed and testable.
  • Dissertation is not an essay but a formal academic paper, and should be completed according to some principles and guidelines given by your professors; it’s better to follow then to write again, later.
  • You must also include the objectives and goals of writing your dissertation.
  • Do not forget to tell people in your introduction, why they should read your dissertation.
  • Keep in touch with your professors and take their instruction wherever you feel confused.

Dissertation writing is not as tough as it seems, everything requires some planning so better plan it and write it accordingly, you will be successful.