When writing a dissertation, one of the main things to consider is the topic. Once you have narrowed down your research to a specific field, the next step is to finalise a topic. However, it can sometimes become a little tricky with so many interesting dissertation topics out there.

Therefore, today we will address this issue to help you decide the perfect topic for your PhD dissertation. So, don’t wait up and read on!

What is a PhD Dissertation?

Before gathering ideas for your research dissertation topics, let’s talk about what a dissertation is and how it is structured, as it is a compulsory part of completing a PhD.

A dissertation is a technical term/ paper used to file and prove one’s thesis. Dissertation papers are usually written for a technical audience, and their statement points should be clear and strong. However, refrain from indulging in exhaustively comprehensive write-ups. Also, note that experimental data is not the proof but evidence. The explanation is offered in analysis and a critical demonstration. Overall every statement in your dissertation should be common knowledge, supported by citation to technical writings or initial results proved by the applicant. Each of those arguments should directly relate to the proof of the thesis, or else they are not needed.

In simpler words, a dissertation is not a thesis but a claim to one’s idea – hypothesis. It describes the theory in detail, proves the statement, disapproves other concepts, and demonstrates different results in a rare case.

The main purpose of writing a dissertation is to explain your thesis in a few lines. Professors and panels should agree with your statement, and it should have a valid proving point. 

Dissertation Structure

The dissertation should be structured into 4 to 6 parts. The following format is most commonly advocated for dissertation writing:

Introductory Chapter

Provide an introduction with the basic layout of your statement and an appropriate background citation of your work. Cover an introduction of your subject and thesis with sources to support your stance, and discuss related work that has already covered other features of your thesis statement.

Abstract Module 

Briefly discuss the idea you want to prove. This part should not discuss any specific implementation.  

Proof of Thesis

This chapter shows evidence of the model. It could be a set of explanations or a discussion of the construction and validation of a model or simulation to gather supporting data.

Data and Measurements 

It would display diverse data gathered from practical cases, simulations, or other sources. The analysis would be included in the presentation to demonstrate support for the underlying concept.

Different Results

Throughout the writing process, you might be using secondary information to confirm your statement. Consequently, some of the results by other workers may differ from your thesis’s central idea. You don’t have to worry about such different results, if any, pop up during your research.


It is where the results are collected and presented. Limitations, restrictions, and anomalies should be clearly defined here, along with the outcomes. Some clarity should be given to describe future work.

Finding a Great Dissertation Topic

Where to begin with your hunt for a perfect topic? Probably your instructor will give you some recommendations as they are more knowledgeable of the state of the science. However, it is not the only choice available. Write down phenomena that capture your interest and explore how the topic can be expanded. Another good idea is to look through examples of dissertation papers – they will encourage you and hint at what has been done before.

Finding Good Dissertation Ideas

To come up with ideas or topics for your dissertation is challenging. First, you have to research and visit a few websites for effective brainstorming later. You may:

  • Research the most current published work in the study area to determine which concepts and topics need additional debate.
  • Go through the papers of different scientists to find the example.
  • Read about the topics that have been covered in recent conferences or science fairs, and look at which current case can interest you.

List of Research Topic Ideas

Here is the list we’ve gathered to give you an idea about the topic you can work on and write a dissertation. The list includes various dissertation topic examples:

Accounting Dissertation Topics

  1. Effective audit influences big corporation’s revenue
  2. The Impact of Income Tax on Small Businesses
  3. Tax Legislation for the Freelance Industry
  4. The Impact of Risk-Based Accounting on a Business’s Rapid Growth.
  5. How Financial Education Affects the Success of a Company’s Leaders
  6. A comparative study on external vs in-house audit

Dissertation Topics in Management

  1. Does constant monitoring influence career growth?
  2. Human resources policies and their impact on job satisfaction of employees
  3. The influence of large organisations on ethical values
  4. Study on management and administration of family-owned corporate
  5. Result of rewards on employee performance
  6. The modern workplace and stereotypical gender roles

Business Dissertation Topics

  1. Examination on real estate fluctuations based on a different city
  2. The economic disaster of 2008 as a leadership failure
  3. How globalisation impacts leadership in Business
  4. Business challenges of international companies
  5. How gender equality influences business management
  6. Main strategies that attract foreign investment

Dissertation Topics for Public Administration Research

  1. Engagement of public administration in the protection of homeless people’s rights
  2. The role of youth in the evolution of the politics
  3. Social media and citizen participation in the government administration
  4. Governmental support against human rights abuses
  5. The significance of gender equality and race representation in public administration
  6. Corruption in public administration, its impact, and preventive measures

Dissertation Topics for Marketing

  1. Efficient marketing in the small business sector
  2. Discovering marketing ethics
  3. Does retail business offer loyalty programs?
  4. Does advertising affect the consumption of tobacco amongst youths?
  5. The essentials of Instagram marketing
  6. Is the comedy advertisement approach more effective? 

Dissertation Topics for Political Economy

  1. The impact of media presence on the political economy process
  2. Corporate factories’ impact on third-world countries
  3. How can you sustain a democratic regime using the capitalist economic model?
  4. The relationship between justice and human rights: Syria’s case
  5. The political and economic implications of Brexit for the United Kingdom
  6. International corporations’ tax evasion and its impact on the national economy


Dissertation Topics for Global Economy

  1. Effects on the global economy of robotic labour replacing human workforce
  2. How social media platforms contribute to the worldwide economy
  3. Research topic for Microeconomics
  4. Eco-friendly product and consumer behaviour
  5. Supply and consumer demand ratio in the skincare industry
  6. The cost of manufacture vs the ethics of labour

Dissertation Topics for Finance

  1. Contemporary collective investment strategies
  2. Microfinance institutions and poverty levels in developing countries
  3. The impact of information technology on today’s banking system
  4. The effect of credit programs on small business growth
  5. World bank’s role in the international economy
  6. How does a company’s size affect financial decisions?

Dissertation Topics for Nursing

  1. Treating wounds of diabetic patients
  2. Providing an essential situation for the elderly at the hospital
  3. The relationship between patients and nursing help
  4. Treating strategies for patients with PTSD
  5. Management of drug dependency programs
  6. Approaches to prevent nurse’s burnouts

Dissertation Topics for Healthcare Administration

  1. Media Presence in promoting private healthcare system
  2. What are the effects of medicinal tourism?
  3. Improvement strategies for the public healthcare system
  4. Insurance healthcare plans and population’s health
  5. Budgeting a public healthcare system
  6. Assistances of the version of evidence-based healthcare structure

Dissertation Topics for Mental Health Research

  1. The relationship between increased social networking and anxiety disorders in adolescents
  2. Treatment methods for multiple personality disorder
  3. The fashion industry and its impact on eating disorders in children
  4. Digital counselling: benefits and drawbacks in the treatment of anxiety and depression
  5. The result of mental health issues on patients’ use of technology
  6. The effects of narcissistic personality disorder on academic performance

Dissertation Topics for General Medication

  1. The relationship between increased social networking and anxiety disorders in adolescents
  2. Treatment methods for multiple personality disorder
  3. The fashion industry and its impact on eating disorders in children
  4. Digital counselling: benefits and drawbacks in the treatment of anxiety and depression
  5. The result of mental health issues on patients’ use of technology
  6. The effects of narcissistic personality disorder on academic performance

Dissertation Topics for Art

  1. How modern technology influence abstract art
  2. The growth of digital art
  3. How capitalism added to the expansion of conceptual art
  4. The shift in gender roles in marvel comic books in the last 20 years
  5. The concept of art extinction as an artistic act
  6. How the choice of art supplies is linked to the global economy state

Dissertation Topics for Cultural Studies

  1. Is visual reality considered art?
  2. Compare female to male superheroes Black widow vs black panther
  3. Met modernism esthetic based on Bojack horseman
  4. Inclusive representation of minorities  in children’s books
  5. Cultural misuse in movies, art and books
  6. Modern photography and abstract art

Dissertation Topics for Philosophy

  1. World digitalisation and new ethics
  2. Raise of negativism in social ethos
  3. Looking back at Camus’ absurd theory in modern philosophy
  4. Body image and social construction of normality
  5. The replication of humans

Dissertation Topics for History

  1. Diplomatic strategies and failures during the hundred years war
  2. Economic, social and political causes and the result of depression
  3. Suffragette movements in the UK
  4. Development and raise of informational wars
  5. Cold war and development of weapon industry
  6. Female worker role during the industrial revolution

Dissertation Topics Law

  1. Legislative measures concerning digital privacy
  2. The distinction between personal information and freedom of expression in social media
  3. Article 13 and copyright law: key aspects and implications
  4. The increase in cybercrime and punishment
  5. Recognising the freedom of prisoners to vote
  6. How does the legal system Help stop domestic abuse?

Dissertation Topics for Chemistry

  1. The future of artificial chemistry
  2. Sustainable methods to reduce environmental pollution
  3. Pesticides used on the quality of water and its effects
  4. Formulas and generic medicines
  5. Chemical corporates and their contribution to the beauty industry
  6. Organic electronics and the use of carbon semiconducting materials

Dissertation Topics for Physics

  1. Substitute energy sources in the present economy
  2. Fundamentals of space travel
  3. Advantages of nonlinear beam technologies
  4. Methods of particles representing in quantum systems
  5. Blackhole theory and Hawking contributions to the idea.
  6. Antimatter vs Matter: Determining the asymmetry of the universe

Dissertation Topics for Psychology

  1. Divorce affects a child’s mental growth
  2. Incorporation of play therapy for a patient suffering from anxiety
  3. Non-verbal communication among youngsters
  4. Impacts of depression on academic performance of students
  5. Surviving narcissistic abuse
  6. Role of the workplace and behavioural patterns

More Interesting Dissertation Topics

  1. Modern Individual Investment Strategies
  2. Different trends of traditional vs E-business
  3. How does modern technology influences the food industry?
  4. Impact of globalisation on small Business
  5. Corporate success due to workplace diversity
  6. Small organisations and brand awareness strategies
  7. Advantages of having robots in manufacturing industries

Once you know the topic, you can hire writing agencies to write your dissertation. For example, a law student can easily get law dissertation help. Furthermore, you can contact these dissertation helpers to choose a perfect dissertation topic. 


Can I write my dissertation in a week?

To summarise, completing a dissertation in a week is quite feasible. However, you need to plan it carefully. Furthermore, you might need a little professional assistance to complete it on time. Dissertation Pros has helped countless students use their professional writers and expertise to cater to their clients. We know it’s risky for students to trust anyone with their dissertation. However, DP has proved to be a master in helping students with their workers. Furthermore, if you book DP’s expert editing or writing services, you will beat any time limits by adopting mixed strategies.

What does a good dissertation should be like?

Great dissertation writing should explore important ideas and models based on a thorough and literature review. Make an additional effort to ensure that your materials are current and relevant – Never use outdated information or ideas.

How many hours should I spend on my dissertation?

Well, spending time on your dissertation depends on you – make a plan that works well for you. For example, some people would spend two hours reading, some spend time writing, and some spend hours brainstorming ideas. However, spending at least three to four hours a day on your research and writing seems like a good deal.